A while back I answered the question, “What is the true definition of conditioning in sports and fitness”
When we think of conditioning when it comes to fitness, we often think about top athletes training hard, working hard and putting in the blood, sweat and tears.
… And all of that is part of it. To have great conditioning physically, you do have to put in the yards in your training or workouts.
However, that’s just one part of conditioning. Conditioning starts internally.
There’s what you do on the field or in the gym.
There’s also what you do in yourself.
What are the thoughts you need to have to get in great shape?
What are the values you need to adopt?
What are the rituals and habits you need show up to?
What is the type of diet you’d need to have to support the results you desire?
What are the emotions and beliefs that would empower you in and out of exercise?
Inspired by fitness,
Clinton Boucheix
Founder of FitnessAces.com
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