I grew up in the 90s with one of those Sit-up Machines.  My household had an ab-roller.

Sit-up machines



That was a nice toy that turned into a dust collector pretty fast. I also remember NOT getting much of a workout using it.

Here are a couple more ab toys you may remember.

The reason sit-up machines and other kinds of ab exercise equipment fail to develop a strong core is because they support you way too much.

You see, if you want a powerful core, you need to engage it 360 degrees.

That means that while your working on flexing your rectus abdominus (your 6-8 pack) you need to engage you transverse abdominus, your obliques and even several of your back muscles.
This is why crunches, sit-ups and any equipment that facilitates any of those exercises fail to carve out a strong and sexy core.
In fact, they can be harmful even if they provide that support, they encourage tight muscles at the front of your body like your hip flexors, your abs and your chest which ends up pulling your neck and spine.
Anyway…Tomorrow, I’ll show you 3 types of ab workouts. No sit ups, no crunches! And you can do these to safely and effectively to start seeing some abs. So Look for that tomorrow.
And Before I leave you, I have to mention that I’ll be sending you content and information on the Crunchless Core System. .
Inspired by fitness,

Clinton Boucheix
Founder of Fitness Aces




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