Here’s the new kicking workout I discovered that puts no stress on my still recovering knee involving V-sits.

You may or may not be familiar with V-Sits.

You may or may not like V Sits.

I’ve always liked this exercise but I found a way to make them even more fun.

Here’s a kickin’ workout you can try to work your whole core, your upper quads and spare your knees if your like me and healing from an “error of Judgment”


Inspired Workout: Kickin’ V-Sits



Enjoy! 🙂


Inspired by fitness,


Clinton Boucheix


Founder of


P.S- Oh, and if your knee is a little more chronic than mine and you want to get back to your former glory sooner rather than later, you can check my friend Anthony Mychal’s Athlete’s Guide to Chronic Knee Pain.

P.P.S- I’ve got a special article for you tomorrow about some unconventional methods to getting the most from your knees. Look out for that. 




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