One exercise that Forest Vance (creator of Basement Badass) swears by – whether you’re trying to get stronger, leaner, or even more confident – is the deadlift.

Deadlifts work the whole body, and can help you:

– Get a stronger core
– Get six pack abs
– Strengthen every muscle in your body from head to toe
– Improve power, speed and athleticism

And so much more!

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However, there’s a lot more to the exercise than just pulling the weight off the floor. You want to make sure you’re doing the exercise with proper form, so that you avoid injury and maximize your results.

One of the MOST common mistakes that folks make with the deadlift is trying to “jerk”, or accelerate, the bar off the floor.

You MAY see some advanced lifters do this successfully, but in my opinon the average, non-powerlifter NEVER needs to be doing this, and increases risk of injury from the lift by doing so.
Check out the video below to learn more about this mistake, and for some great cues on how to fix it:

Deadlift Mistake to AVOID (and how to fix it)


Hope that helps 🙂


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