Big News! I have a special announcement I’m excited to let you in on. I’m giving away a free book!

After over 2 years of working on this, my long awaited book, Conversations With Fitness Professionals is getting released Today!

Finally! Its done!


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I've been putting a lot of time and energy in this.

If you remember, you helped out along the way. And for that I'm grateful. Couldn't have done it without you.

You've helped me write it by telling me what you need to get better results in Your fitness and making lasting transformations.

And you've also helped me determine the bonuses to add for when this book is ready for release.

The time has come and you're the very first in the world to know!

Conversations With fitness Professionals- The Book 

Conversations With Fitness Professionals is the result of a series of interviews I was lucky enough to have with 7 fitness professionals.

My aim was to discover both the methods and the mindsets that leading fitness experts use...

...for themselves and their clients to achieve phenomenal results in their fitness and achieved total body transformation that lasts.

I got all 7 interviews transcribed and put them into a book.

You can get CONVERSATIONS WITH FITNESS PROFESSIONALS on Amazon for $27.97 but don't buy it.

I want to give you a complimentary copy along with 3 amazing awesome bonuses.

I know! I must be mad to work on a book for over 2 years only to give it away.

But I assure you, there's a method to my madness. While you get to have a complimentary copy,

you will also be presented the opportunity to invest in the full live interview series down the line. Just a little transparent heads up.

Go check it out

Conversations With fitness Professionals- The Book
I've also put together some nice bonuses for you as a way saying "Thanks Man" for all the support putting this together.
You suggested and voted for these.

Bonus #1
--Inspired Workouts: Some of my best body weight workouts that get the job done while having a blast

Bonus #2--C
urated Conversations: I've hand picked some of the best interviews with Pavel Tsatsouline, Geoff Neupert and Logan Christopher.

Bonus #3--
Conversation With Logan Christopher: Before you get to read my first conversation with Logan Christopher himself, I wanted to give you the live video interview to watch.

Go claim your copy. Its on me!

Conversations With fitness Professionals- Experts' Guide to Phenomenal Fitness and Lasting Physical Transformation

All I ask is that you pay for the shipping so I don't lose my shirt.

Go ahead and claim your Comp Copy Today!
Before I leave you.... I have a video for you tomorrow. Did you know that there are 8 Core Fitness Mindsets for greater gains and better results? I learned these from the very experts I interviewed and I want to share with you their secrets.
Look out for that in tomorrow's email.
Til next time,
Keep training,
Keep working out
And keep aspiring to become your best!

Inspired by fitness,
Clinton Boucheix
Founder of




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