Today, I’ve got something special for you.  Here are some of the best moments from interview series, conversations with Fitness Professionals.

You see, I did an interview series with 6 fitness professionals and I thought you might like a montage of some of the best moments and dialog.

It’ll be no more than 10 minutes.

Best Moments- Conversations With Fitness Professionals

The Hunt for Bonus Content Ideas Continues!

Unless you’ve missed my last 2 emails, you’ll know that I’m looking for great bonus ideas to add to my long awaited book release give away.

That’s right, I won’t be selling this book. (at least not initially) I’m giving it away…. with some bonuses.

So, I need your help. tell your bonus content ideas.

Please tell me, what would make your day?

What kind of information or offer would you love to get in addition to this complimentory book?

Just hit me up with your bonus ideas.

Email me at:

Til next time,

Keep training,
Keep working out
And keep aspiring to become your best!

Inspired by fitness,

Clinton Boucheix
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