About Fitness Aces

About Fitness Aces- Exercise Motivation and the Mental Edge of Fitness 

Yo! Clinton Boucheix here. Your exercise mindset specialist. Founder of FitnessAces.com and author of Muscle Mindset: Conversations With Strength Trainers and Body Builders.

Fitness Aces is here to help you think, feel and behave in a way to not only get in the best shape of your life but also make fitness a way of life that’s fulfilling, rewarding and inspiring.

That’s why Fitness Aces is here, as to why you’re here… I’ll go out on a limb and guess that you’re here because you’re tired of trying to get the results in your health and fitness and constantly running up against obstacles. Constantly falling off the wagon, struggling to maintain consistency and acting on all your best intentions in your fitness. 

Or… putting in place programs and protocols but STILL not seeing the results that you were hoping for and only getting so far in your progress left with frustration trying to figure out how you’re going to get through the wall that won’t let you progress any further.

Whether you want to lose weight, burn fat, gain muscle mass or strength or just want more energy, vitality and stamina, you’re in the right place. 

Your biggest obstacle is not just your diet, your training or workout program or even sifting through all the information and (dare I say it?) misinformation out there about fitness. No! Your biggest obstacle is within you. 

Bare with me. I’m not having a shot at you. 

Obtaining and maintaining the body that you want is not just the result of having the best exercises, the best workout or training plan, the best diet and nutrition or even the best information. All of that is crucial but if you want to have the best result, you need one more thing.

The best mindset.

You see, its the mindset piece that truly determines your results in your fitness. If your mindset and attitude is lousy, then how likely are you to implementing any of the above listed. If your mindset and attitude is lousy, your application and implementation of exercises, training programs and proper meal plans will likely be lousy too. 

The quality of your mindset spill over to everything you do in your fitness. It’s the root of everything you do in your training and exercise plans. So, it makes sense that your mindset is the biggest obstacle in your fitness to improve and master.

So, with that said… You’re in the right place because fitness Aces is all about helping you master your mindset around fitness and exercise so that YOU not only get the results you want and achieve your desired body but also to help integrate fitness as a Way of life that’s fun, rewarding and inspiring so you never struggle with getting and staying in shape again. 

From inspirational videos, to articles, podcasts and interviews with leading fitness professionals and experts and to bonuses and downloadable information packed goodies specifically designed to help you master a specific area of fitness. 

Who am I, You say?

Well. I’m glad you asked. Aside from being the founder of FitnessAces.com…

I’m just a fitness and martial arts enthusiast who’s oh, so obsessed with mindset and personal growth. 

My humble beginnings started with Taekwondo.

After about 10 years of studying and mastering Taekwondo (2nd Dan black belt), I had to expand my horizons and study more styles of martial arts.

So, with limited funds and resources I decided that I would learn and refine what I could on my very own.

Over the past 13 years, I have studied and practiced;

Wing Chun
Hsinyi Quan
Bagua Zhang

Baji Quan
…and I’m a b-boy. 🙂

I’m also a Certified Personal Trainer,

A Taekwondo instructor

And an assistant gymnastic coach for kids

My obsession with mindset and personal growth comes from personal experience of standing in my own way time and again which has led me to study personal development, psychology and mindset so i can have an edge in life.

While on that journey, I came to the realization that I already possessed a mental edge in my fitness that others around me could really benefit.

So, here I am ready and wiling to serve You and help You master Your miindset and psychology so you can not only get in the best shape of your life but also make fitness a Way of life that’s fun, fulfilling, rewarding and inspiring like it is for me. I want that for you too because life with inspired fitness is so sweet. 

Now that I’m done tutting my own horn, I want to point out the Free ebook- Muscle Mindset: Conversations With Strength Trainers and Body Builders. 

It’s packed with transcribed interviews with some of the fitness industry’s leading strength and muscle conditioning professionals.

If you want an edge in your strength training or muscle gains, Muscle Mindset is packed full of gems and invaluable information on how to get the results you want most from your workouts as well as the mindset that you need so that nothing can stand in your way (not even you) of getting stronger, leaner and bigger. 

Just enter your name and best email for instant access. 

‘Til next time…

Keep training,

keep working out,

but most importantly….

keep aspiring to become your best.



Inspired by fitness,

Clinton Boucheix

Founder of FitnessAces.com


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