I think I just discovered a new workout that’s fun and effective for developing Stronger Shoulders.

Every now and then I like to explore new movement patterns to see what else is the human body capable of.


I developed a “Preacher kick” workout for when I want to work on my kicking but keep the load off my ankles (Great knee workout and hip stbilizer)

I discovered a kung fu inspired workout for my rotator cuffs. (Great for the back too)

And I have a parkour inspired routine which consist of basic wall vaults (That’s a future video)


A lot of these “discoveries” are often the result of me either training around an injury or making a rehab exercise more fun.


but now, I’m on a quest to find some bodyweight exercises that build me some stronger shoulders (side and back delts especially) while having more fun doing it.


This time, I found something great for developing stronger shoulders, a steady and powerful core.


Inspired Workout: The Spiderman Workout





Before I leave you, I wanna give you a heads up. My friend Forest Vance has a new program you can do anywhere and anytime.


You’ll be receiving workouts you can do in less than 30 minutes.


Forest wanted me to share these with you. I look forward to sharing those with you.


In the mean time, you can check out Forest’s Basement Badass workout program here.


>>>Basement Badass: 12 Week Home Based Workout 


Til next time…


Keep training

Keep working out

And keep aspiring to become your best!


Inspired by fitness,.


Clinton Boucheix


Founder of FitnessAces.com




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