I promised to show you 3 ab workouts that will cultivate a strong and sexy lookin core that is 100% crunchless. So, here its is.

These sit up alternatives will:
  • Engage your 6 pack without straining your spine
  • Target your core 360 degrees. (Your obliques, your transverse abs and your lats and traps)
  • Target your lower abs that most crunches sit-ups just can’t do

These sit-up alternatives have gotten my core strength and definition to a new level.

Before I leave you…. a heads up on something special I have for you.
I’ve got a great exercise demo from my friend Brian Klepacki. Brian will show you one more way of working your abs you’ve probably never seen before.
Look out for that soon!
And if you want to check out a Zero crunch and Zero sit up ab and core building program,Check out Brian’s program.
Til next time,
Keep training,
Keep working,
And keep aspiring to be your best!

Inspired by fitness,

Clinton Boucheix
Founder of Fitness Aces




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